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-<​clippy>​Test sdfdsf</​clippy>​+====== DokuWiki Downloader ======
-111+The simplest method of installing DokuWiki on a remote host might be to use the DokuWiki Downloader. This is a single PHP script, that needs to be transferred to the remote host (eg. via FTP) and then be run in the web browser. It takes care of downloading the latest release of DokuWiki, extracting it and running the [[:​installer]].
-<​phpwikify>​ +The script can be downloaded here: {{https://​​splitbrain/​dokuwiki-downloader/​raw/​master/​dokuwiki-downloader.php}}
-$tt = '​help';​ +
-echo " ​ * first bullet\n";​ +
-echo " ​ * $tt me\n";​ +
-222+DokuWiki will be installed in the same directory as the script. This directory needs to be writable by the webserver. Any possibly existing files in that directory (including a possibly needed index.php) will be overwritten by this script!
-[[My new page]]+===== How to upgrade an installation?​ =====
-[[my_new_page|My new page]]+To upgrade an installation installed by this script, use the [[plugin:​upgrade|Upgrade Plugin]].
-Ttest Tesdsdsdtsdsdsdds Test 
-Ttest Test Test 
-Ttest Test Test 
-Ttest Test Test 
-Ttest Test Test 
- Ttest Tesdsdsdtsdsdsdds Test +===== See also ===== 
-Ttest Test Test + 
-Ttest Test Test +  * [[https://​​splitbrain/​dokuwiki-downloader|Downloader'​s Github repository]] with additional user information. 
-Ttest Test Test +  * [[https://​​posts/​dokuwiki-updated-21304699|Andi'​s blog post]] with a quick walk-through using screenshots. 
-Ttest Test Test+  * [[http://​​blog/​2008-12/​24-setup_dokuwiki_on_free_hosting_in_less_than_15_minutes|Setup DokuWiki on Free Hosting in < 15 Minutes]] (with a little outdated screenshots) 
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