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Table of Contents

DokuWiki LiveDemos by Michael Sy.


Linking Image A ⇒ Image B

The Task: Linking of two different images in the current namespace



Hiding Some Elements of the Template

Colored Headline

Namespaces and "You Are Here"

How to give the namespaces a nice title for the you-are-here-display?
As asked and answered here:

How to handle files with *.ascii Extension


Things in progress and/or not sufficiently explained:
Sometimes not even a draft, but left in a shoddy condition, for my personal use only.

Image Scalings

Yalist Plugin

Image Sharp


Auto-Increment Bureaucracy Plugin

Searchform Plugin

Namespace Relative Linking

Template DokuCMS

Template Arctic

Template Argon

  1. Template Argon with CLI-Plugin and custom CSS.

Template Sprintdoc

Bootstrap3 Template

Congrid Template


Redefining HTML-<code>-Element

IndexMenu Nosidebar Test

Test Filelisting Plugin

Test Repository Plugin

Codeclipboard Repository Plugin

Indexmenu Plugin

Test Folded Plugin

Test Tabbox Plugin

Test Image Resizing algorithm

Audio an einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt starten

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