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DokuWiki LiveDemos by Michael Sy.


Linking Image A ⇒ Image B

The Task: Linking of two //different// images in the current namespace



Hiding Some Elements of the Template

Colored Headline

Namespaces and "You Are Here"

How to give the namespaces a nice title for the you-are-here-display?
As asked and answered here:

How to handle files with *.ascii Extension


Things in progress and/or not sufficiently explained:
Sometimes not even a draft, but left in a shoddy condition, for my personal use only.

Image Scalings

Yalist Plugin

Image Sharp


Auto-Increment Bureaucracy Plugin

Searchform Plugin

Namespace Relative Linking

Template DokuCMS

Template Arctic

Template Argon

  1. Template Argon with CLI-Plugin and custom CSS.

Template Sprintdoc

Bootstrap3 Template

Congrid Template


Redefining HTML-<code>-Element

IndexMenu Nosidebar Test

Test Filelisting Plugin

Test Repository Plugin

Codeclipboard Repository Plugin

Indexmenu Plugin

Test Folded Plugin

Test Tabbox Plugin

Test Image Resizing algorithm

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